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April 21--Revival

I woke up at about 5:45 this morning, and thought about sleeping in until 8. Since I don't have to be at the hospital for clinical, I can do that. I really just need to go in and do whatever it is that needs doing. As I was resetting the alarm, I got a text from one of my preceptorship students, asking I could come meet with her and her preceptor this morning. At 6:45. To be fair, she sent me an email at 3:30 this morning.

So I got up and went in. Met with them, and was in my office by 7:15. I still had stuff to do on my to-do list, and a meeting at noon. I went into the big office to get a pen, and my boss was there. She asked how I was doing, and I guess I didn't sound too convincingly OK, so she invited me in to talk a bit.

She is easy to talk to--very supportive. She is a former psych nurse, so she's a great listener. I told her I have been in a funk and we talked about that for a while. She gave me a little pep talk, which is what I needed. She is such a positive influence on our department and program.

I went back to my office and finished everything left on my to-do list. The big thing was writing up my self-study. It is my self-evaluation for my tenure-track evaluation. I have to list all my accomplishments for the past two years, and include all the stuff I am doing to be a better teacher. I am doing fine, but I think I needed the pep talk to allow the fog to clear so I could see it.

After I was done, I took a walk in the park before the noon meeting. It was a beautiful day. We are in full spring mode here, with temps in the mid 70s. If spring didn't turn into relentlessly hot summer, it would be my favorite season.

I attended my noon meeting, which is to plan for a day we are having for high school students who are interested in health careers. I actively participated, and have a bunch of stuff I need to do for it.

When I got home, the front yard was full of blooming irises. They look happy.

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