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April 26--"I'm going on down to Sacramento"...

... said an old Chinese guy riding by on his bike, in Sacramento, as I was standing on the sidewalk.

That little meme I talked about yesterday has exploded all over Facebook. Everybody's doing it. Had I known it was going to be so popular, I would have avoided it. One of my friends posted a list of concerts, and one of her friends started in critiquing her choices as not being diverse enough, not enough women on the list, etc. She then told her what she should be listening to. Enjoy this or else!

Anyway, the concert I didn't see was Paul McCartney. I had tickets to see him twice over the years, and both times something came up that kept me from going. The first time my first wife ended up in the hospital the afternoon of the show, and I ended up giving the tickets to the ward clerk on that floor after one of the nurses suggested it would be a treat for her. I don't remember what happened the second time. Anyway, there won't be a third time. I've spent enough money not seeing Paul McCartney.

The concert that seems to be the biggest surprise is the Carpenters. When I had just turned 16, my parents rented a cabin up in Lake Tahoe for our vacation. One night they surprised us by taking us to a Carpenters show at one of the casinos. At the time,for me as a dope-smoking, rock and roll listening teenager, the Carpenters were really uncool. They made me go anyway. I never told any of my friend that I went, or that I secretly loved the show. Karen Carpenter had such a lovely voice, and she sang directly to me that night. I'll never forget it.


Musical chair.

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