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May 4--The rosehead is a type of nail

When I went into work this morning my boss was steaming about the condition of our temporary buildings. She flat out told administration "we're not moving into that dump". So we have stopped packing for the moment to see how this all plays out.

Our current building is falling apart, but it is way better than those portables. This is somewhat reflective of how nursing has been treated historically on the campus--always having to make do. My friends in the photography department have their own private offices, state of the art computer lab, and lots of square footage, while 11 of us will be packed into one room. I feel like writing a letter to someone to complain. Maybe I will, after I cool off about it a bit.

One of my Facebook friends told me today that the primary school I attended is closing its doors at the end of May. It was a small private Lutheran school that had been in the community for about 70 years. There were only 4 classrooms, and two grades shared a teacher. I attended first through eighth grades there. They provided an excellent education during the time I was there, with the exception of science. I can't recall a single science class. More recently they have had a teacher who specializes in STEM, so I guess they came to see the value of science and technology.

From the first through the fifth grades, every teacher my class cohort ended up leaving after having us as a class. I used to think it was us, but as I reflected, I realized they were all young, single women, and they probably left to get married and have families, which is what they did back then. I am sure many of them returned to teaching at some point.

Our 6th grade teacher was a guy with a cool 1965 Chevy Nova, and a handlebar mustache. Mr. Adams. He not only survived our class, but went on to become the principal and stayed there for many years. He knew how to handle us. He is one of my teacher role models.


Here are two of the four classrooms when they were first built in the early 1950s. The 5th and 6th grade classroom was on the left, with the 7th and 8th grade to the right. The school offices were in the middle. There was a similar building just behind this one that housed the first-fourth grades, and eventually the kindergarten by the time my sister attended.

Those doors at the end of the building were how we exited for recess. I remember sitting on those steps talking about Star Trek when it was first on the air. Even earlier, I remember our principal coming in to our second grade class one November afternoon to bring us the news that President Kennedy had been shot. They are having a sort of farewell event in June, and I think I will drive down to stir up some more memories and say goodbye.


There has been a big rose outside my window all week. It keeps getting bigger and bigger, and now it is starting to fade. I have enjoyed looking out on it. Even in decline, it is still magnificent.


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