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May 5--The Onyx Illuminator Badge

We have had some hot days this week--up in the 90s, but today cooled off to the 70s and it was just about perfect. I only had a few work-related things to do, and I got them done, and then went out and enjoyed the day. I played Ingress for a while and threw a field. As a reward I got a badge.

I drove out to the strawberry guy and bought some strawberries and some early cherries. My car was filled with the smell of ripe strawberries. I tried one and it was delicious.

In the afternoon I started getting a lot of work-related text messages. No particular issue, just a bunch of random stuff. I read and ignored them.

While I was waiting for Malida to get home this evening, I watched a random movie that turned out to be really good. It was called Bridge of Spies. It featured Tom Hanks as a lawyer who negotiated the release of Francis Gary Powers, a U2 pilot who was captured by the Soviet Union after he was shot down back in the early 60s. It was a fascinating story that made me want to read more about the actual events and characters involved. Apparently it was a pretty big film, nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards, but I had never heard of it.

strawberries and cherries

Help yourself!
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