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May 10--beware the garden flamingos

Not much to say today. I think I still have the residual blues from yesterday, so I am watching some tv. I have two current shows that I am following. The Handmaid's Tale and Fargo, season 3. Both are excellent. That's how I watch tv. Find something good and watch it. Then wait a few months until something else good comes along.

There is the most delightful breeze coming in through the window. It brings a hint of jasmine and roses with it. There is a dog barking in the distance. I can hear my neighbor's wind chimes. The last of the day's light is fading, and my room is illuminated by a single lamp that is to the left and behind me. I look at the remains of the rose that has been right outside my window for the past week, its last four petals standing in defiance of time.

There are flamingos.

garden flamingos
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