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May 13--all slept in

I was able to reach my goal of sleeping in this morning. It was soooooo good. I get up at about 5:30 pretty much every morning, and I miss not having to get up. Most weekend days I've got something or another going on, so it is a rare treat. Next Saturday I am participating in (and helping coordinate) an all-day health careers conference for high schoolers, and the coordinator suggested that we might need to be there at about 4:30 am to set stuff up. No.

Amazingly, the cats left us alone this morning, until about 9, which was when I was planning to get up. I turned over, and the cats left me alone until 9:30. I turned over again, and they were back at 10, insisting this time. So I got up, made some coffee and opened the windows. I drank coffee and read my news feed, which has taken the place of the newspaper I used to subscribe to. I miss the comics page and the obituary page, but that's about it.

I made some breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice. It was good. I don't make breakfast very often, but when I do, it is generally this. I don't eat eggs cooked any other way than this way, and I have to be the one to make them.


After breakfast I worked on a music playlist for a while. By then it was afternoon, and I went to the park to take a walk while Malida took the first of two naps. It was a lovely days and there were a lot of people out enjoying our park.


The park people have planted trees along the east side of the park trail. It will be nice in a few years when they are big enough to shade the trail in the late afternoon when it is hot. They come around in a little electric cart to water them. Hopefully they survive their first Sacramento summer.

It was a restful and relaxing day. Just what I needed.
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