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May 14--Fresh strawberries

Malida wanted to go shopping today, so we went to the outlet mall. She bought a bunch of stuff, and I got a new wallet. I buy a new wallet about once every ten years, whether I need it or not. We looked around for a while, then drove over to the big Korea Plaza to have lunch and shop.

The Korea Plaza is this huge supermarket/food court/karaoke lounge, that is supposed to have everything. It started out as a Korean market, but there are a lot of Russian and Eastern European people living in the area now, so it is kind of half asian and half Russian/European.

Malida likes it because they make fresh kimchi there, and have all sorts of asian produce at good prices. I like it because they have an awesome meat section. I bought a couple racks of ribs. We ate in the food court. I ordered the tonkatsu with coleslaw. When it came, it was huge--the size of a dinner plate. I was sitting at the table and some guy walked up and exclaimed, "Holy Cow!" Seriously. I ate about a quarter of it and brought the rest home.

We stopped at our local strawberry stand on the way home. Malida always talks to the guy in Lao, and he always gives her a discount, or tosses in more strawberries. As she was talking to him, I was noticing that he has some sort of health issue. His neck veins are distended and his skin color is a bit off.

Last night I had a dream about the hospital I used to work at. I have a lot of dreams about that place, and most of them have to do with my not being able to find anything anymore. In this dream, they had gutted the third floor of the old building, where the ICU used to be and were putting in a food court. There were some food places already open, but they were all serving some sort of unrecognizable Chinese food. I haven't been back in the hospital since I retired, so I have no idea if there is a food court or not.

I barbecued the ribs for dinner. I put some rib rub on them for a few hours, then wrapped them in foil after putting in some orange juice. I let them cook slow over indirect heat for a few hours, then tossed on some potatoes and asparagus. Everything was just about perfect.

Tomorrow is the final exam, and I spent the evening writing the students' final evaluations. Usually I have one or two that I shuffle to the bottom of the pile to deal with last, but this semester was good, and I got to write good things.

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