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May 27--thirty and eighty

the sign

Grafitti under the train trestle. Seen while out walking along the creek today. Sometimes the sign is right in front of us, but we miss it, because our eyes are closed.

Someone wrote in our community forum that everyone is unfriendly in the town we live in. I felt kind of bad for that guy. During our three-mile walk along the creek today, we got about 24 hello's and/or good mornings, 7 waves, and a handful of smiles versus only 4 people who didn't make eye contact. I thought that was pretty good. He must be hanging out in another part of town.


I received a book in the mail today. I had forgotten that I had ordered it. I don't check the mail every day unless I am expecting something. As a result, the mailbox can get pretty full if something unexpected comes. The letter carrier gives me the side-eye of disapproval, or would if he ever saw me. At least I don't order cat litter on Amazon. My step-brother who is a letter carrier told me that is unforgivable. I heeded his warning.

The book is a book of album covers that were designed by Hipgnosis, which was known for their incredible Pink Floyd covers among others. The book not only shows their work, but explains how they did it in an age before computer graphic design. I have always had a fondness for album cover art, and lament that it is largely a lost art now in the digital age. I used to love putting on a record and sitting down to explore the album cover as I listened.

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Greg Allman today. One of the giants.

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