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May 29--A boy scout band, a bagpiper, and a new rooster

I forgot to post yesterday, but if I had posted, I would have recounted how I drove over to the small farming town about 15 minutes southeast of here to capture a portal at the post office and mail a letter. When I got to the post office, I discovered that they were having a commemorative event for Memorial Day, so I stayed for that after I mailed my letter.

The post office seems to be an interesting choice, but it is probably the closest thing to a town center that they have. There is a lovely rose garden next to the post office, with walkways made from commemorative bricks. It is one of my favorite Ingress portals. I like sitting in the rose garden as I capture the portal.

When I arrived, there was a speaker, talking about the significance of Memorial Day, and about the people of the town that have served in the military. She then introduced the local boy scout troop who played some instruments and sang a song. I was a boy scout way back when, so feel a sort of kinship with them, and enjoy seeing them out doing public service.

After the boy scouts, they introduced a local pastor, who offered a somewhat unusual prayer that included praying that the intelligence community be guided by God. I'm not quite sure what that meant, but given the tenor of the small town crowd, I could venture a guess if I needed to. But I won't. The ceremony ended with a bagpiper playing taps.

After the ceremony, everyone headed across the parking lot where the fire department was grilling hot dogs and selling them for a modest price. I had a hot dog and a bottle of water.

I bought a commemorative brick to go in the rose garden walkway. The person who was selling the bricks pointed out that they did not have to be a memorial "per se", the writing could say anything as long as it was decent.


I can't wait to see it.

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