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May 31--Sad Mook and other tales

Malida was sitting in the reclining chair watching tv. Chocko almost always likes to sit there with her, and curls up in whatever space she can find. Mook wanted to sit there too, but there was no room. That didn't stop Mook from jumping up there anyway and trying to make some space for herself. She ended up sitting on top of Chocko, who didn't like that. Chocko batted Mook on the head and Mook jumped off the chair and went over to lay down on top of the couch. She looked kind of upset. Poor Mook.

sad book

Cats are so interesting.

I went into work again today to move more boxes. One of my fellow teachers was there, so we worked together for a while. She is one of the people I went to New Orleans with, and one of my favorite coworkers. We worked out how each team can have a bookshelf and a filing cabinet within the space that we are allowed. Like me, she was pleasantly surprised at how the offices turned out, and we both decided we would be positive forces.

After that I went to a meeting of the nursing alumni board. We are at kind of a crossroads. We want to keep it going, but younger people just aren't interested in being a part of it. We have to figure out a different way of approaching it. We brainstormed a little and came up with some ideas.

I watched another episode of The Handmaid's Tale tonight. It is so well written and acted, and the story is compelling, even though I have read the book.

Tomorrow is Malida's day off, so we will go out and do stuff.

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