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June 2--Pork in a paper cut

I went back in to the office today. We were supposed to get our keys, but they haven't changed the locks yet. In any case, all the doors were open and I was able to unpack all my boxes and set up my desk. I like my little space. I have plenty of room for all my desktop stuff. There's not enough drawer space, but we are supposed to be getting over-desk storage, so that should take care of that.

We have a little break room in the back. There was a guy installing a sink in there, and there was a big box that said "refrigerator". I put the coffee maker in there in anticipation of a pot of coffee the next time I am in.

I was able to purge a bunch of files that predated me. Some real old stuff like overhead transparencies. There is a binder that has all the class rosters from 1983 on. I was able to find my class and saw my name from when I was a student there. That was pretty interesting. While going through files, I suffered a paper cut.

I stopped at Costco and bought paper products and some lamb that I will cook on the grill tomorrow. As I was walking down the aisles, I saw a guy who looked kind of familiar. As he passed by, his name came to me and I said, "hey Rudy". It was him. I hadn't seen him since about 2005. We were happy to see each other and catch up a bit. We will have coffee soon and catch up more. I like when that happens.

I am listening to the new Roger Waters album that was just released today. Lots of good music released today. He is playing here next week, and I have a ticket to see him. I've seen him before, both as part of Pink Floyd and as a solo act. He puts on a good show. I don't really like going to arena shows anymore, but I will make exceptions occasionally. This is one of those occasions.


The new desk.
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