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June 6--Stop Casting Porosity

We drove down to the SF Bay Area to see my dad and have lunch with him today. We left a bit early so we could spend some time walking on the bay trail, but unexpected traffic put us behind so we had to skip it.

My dad looks good after having a pacemaker implanted. He says he feels good too, and has his appetite back after losing 8 pounds after the procedure. He asked me to look up his medications to see if they were ok, and they were. That's generally what parents ask their children who are nurses.

We had a great lunch at The Fish Market, which is where we always go. It is his favorite restaurant, and one of my favorites as well. There seems to be very little variability in our visits, which is how it has been as far back as when he and my mom divorced and I had weekly visits with him. We are creatures of habit and like the familiarity of doing the same thing time and again.

I'll see him again up at my step-sisters place for Father's day. I always look forward to that. My step-sister has a lovely house on a hill, with a nice pool, abut an hour from where I live. He will be up there the whole week, so I will go up one day and hike around with him along the American River.


My dad's collection of Warriors bobbleheads. His apartment is filled with little curios and things he has brought back from all over the world.

We got home and rested for a while, and I cooked dinner--grilled steak, at Malida's request. I also grilled some yukon gold potatoes and white corn. It was delicious. We split half of a dark beer.

After dinner I was directed to an old music video from the 70s by a friend. It was from a show called "The Midnight Special" that was on tv in the mid 70s. It featured live performances from the top bands of the era. What set it apart from pretty much every other music show was that the performances were actually live. Me and my friends would get stoned and watch it every Friday night. I spent about 2 hours down that rabbit hole, reliving the music of my youth. Actually 2+hours, as I still listening as I type this.

Finally for my friend who sometimes finds my subject line somewhat cryptic:


This photograph has a somewhat fuzzy origin, but I believe it was taken by a guy named Martin Fierro. I think I went to high school with his brother.

Hope this helps!
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