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July 7--150 feet

I had an interesting dream last night where I met some 4 year-old boy who had a normal body, but the face of a 45 year-old man, with a mustache and graying temples. It was kind of odd.

I sat out on the patio this morning and worked on my progress report. I spoke to a woman on a Navajo reservation in Arizona about their diabetes prevention program. Native Americans have a very high prevalence of diabetes and resulting kidney disease. Their program seems to be somewhat successful, though she told me they are completely overwhelmed and understaffed.

There is way less money to be made in prevention than there is in the pharmacological treatment of the resulting disease.

I managed to work up my progress report and sent it off to my advisor. I will discuss it with her next Thursday. I will continue to work on making progress in the next two weeks before the semester ends. After I wrote that last sentence, I realized I had written almost the exact same sentence in my progress report.

In the early afternoon Malida and I headed downtown to have some Japanese food. She has had a sushi jones for a week or so, and I always like this place. It has been there forever. I recall going there for my third or fourth date with my first wife, back in 1990.

We came home and watched the temperature outside rise to about 109 degrees. A few of our new plants can't handle it, even with extra watering. The azalea seems to be pooping out. The hibiscus, on the other hand, seems to love the heat, and is getting ready to bust out some blooms. If the azalea doesn't make it, I will get another hibiscus. Survival of the fittest.


I had a photographer friend once who asked another photographer to mentor him. When they met, the mentor photographer told him his task was to pick a spot, any spot, and for the next three months, photograph only within 150 feet of that spot.
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