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July 8--Paleo bacon

I had another interesting dream last night where I was attending a wedding, but had forgotten to dress up. Everyone else was in a suit and I was in jeans. At some point it became clear that I was the photographer, and I was dressed in black, which was ok. During the ceremony the bride turned to me and criticized how I was shooting the ceremony.

Then I woke up, and it was already getting warm. So I went out and put the fountain where I thought it ought to be, put some water in it, and plugged it in. It makes a pleasing sound and looks pretty good, but it was splashing a bit. I will need to do a bit more with it, and then make the area around it pleasing. By the time I was done with that and watering the plants, it was in the 90s, and I went inside.

After a while I went to the store to get some stuff for dinner and for tomorrow. As I was perusing the bacon, I saw that one was Paleo approved bacon. I have heard of the whole paleo thing, but never really looked into it. I didn't buy paleo bacon.


I'm watching a Radiohead concert on Youtube. It was recorded last month in Italy. It's really good.
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