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July 10--Prof. Panglos and Rabbit

I wanted to get out and take a walk before it got too hot, and I did. I went over to the park and walked the cycle. There were plenty of other people who had the same idea. It was supposed to be just under 100 today (and it was), which was cooler than the past few days, but still kind of hot.

After my walk I went to the big hardware store/nursery and got a couple bags of mulch and a few other things. I will put the mulch in the garden tomorrow. I bought some marigolds to plant near the tomatoes. I'm still thinking about the ultimate fate of the fountain, and have some ideas, but haven't acted on them.

I went to the store and bought some things. I had an idea about making some mini-burgers. I found some interesting cheddar cheese with roasted onions in it and some beer-based mustard from the brewery up the road in Chico.

I came home and fixed the burgers. I sautéed some onions and mushrooms and grilled the burgers. I prepared some mini-buns with the mustard. I added the cheese to the burger. I thought about taking a picture, but didn't. They were amazing! The various flavors fit together perfectly. I jotted down some notes so I could remember how I made them.

After lunch I did a bit of doctoral work. I had a few people respond to my requests for information, and made a couple of phone appointments for later in the week. My advisor sent me an article.

I started reading an old novel I had read years ago called The Seven Minutes. It has to do with censorship. Some of the situations and attitudes are horribly dated (think early 70s), but the author's thoughts on freedom of speech are still very relevant.

I had a nice nap, after which I got up and did some house chores. I read the book some more, and now I am here making this journal entry while Malida watches a Korean soap opera.


A new piece of art on the maintenance shed at the park. I like it.

I learned today that there is an entire book written about Jethro Tull's album Thick as a Brick, and that there are a few paragraphs that analyze "Prof. Panglos and Rabbit", which was a comic on the album cover. We are geared toward the average rather than the exceptional.
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