zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

July 30--River City

We got into Portland at about 2 pm after an uneventful drive from Grants Pass. We decided to hit the Saturday Market before checking into our hotel, event though it was Sunday. I love the Saturday Market. It has a great vibe. Lots of original art, street musicians, and street food. We wandered around for a few hours.

saturday Market

I bought some post cards and a hand-made pig clock for my cubicle at work. Malida got some earrings.


This guy was playing Stormy Weather, and doing a pretty good job with it. My favorite musician, Saturday Market Elvis was nowhere to be seen. I first saw him back in 1990, singing Elvis songs with a fake plastic guitar. when I saw hime again he had switched to a blow-up guitar. A woman at the market told me he kind of stopped performing after his mom died a few years ago.

river front

Along the river. Sacramento also sits on a river, but our city fathers have never decided quite what to do with the riverfront. About every 10 years they send a delegation to either Portland or San Antonio to get ideas, but nothing ever comes of it.


This guy has been around for a while. I photographed him back in 2005. I told him I remembered him from back then and he said, "yeah, you look familiar," and laughed.

We came back to our hotel and rested, then walked down the hill for another nice dinner. Tomorrow we will explore Portland.
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