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August 1--Why we don't drive ships

This motel has a nice view, but crappy internet.

japanese garden

After we checked out of our Portland hotel, we headed up tot the Japanese gardens. It was a warm morning, and Portland is about to get hit with a heat wave. The gardens were lovely. After that we had lunch in a nice Thai place where we could sit outdoors.

After lunch we headed to Astoria, the next stop on our trip. We got here in the mid afternoon and sat outside for a while. The motel sits on a hill, and has a spectacular view of the Columbia River.

In the evening, we headed out to Fort Stevens State Park to watch the sunset. The beach is home to the shipwreck Peter Iredale. Peter Iredale, the ship builder, was a distant relative of mine.

Peter Iredale

You can't tell from the picture, but there were all sorts of people out on the beach enjoying the evening.


Malida watches the sunset.

Tomorrow we head down the coast.
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