zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

August 4--A foggy day in Bandon

We decided to stick around town and explore locally today. We walked down to the old town and had some freshly caught crab at Tony's Crab Shack. It was delicious. We walked along the waterfront and watched people fishing.

foggy fishing

We found a nice espresso place and had some espresso. Later, we found a bakery and had some cranberry bars. We thought about how the cranberry bars would have gone well with the espresso.

bike art

Some bike art. They are all over town.

coquille lighthouse

We drove over to the lighthouse across the cove. This is one of my favorite lighthouses on the Oregon coast. It is known as the Coquille Lighthouse, sitting at the mouth of the Coquille river.

fog boy

It wasn't too cold--maybe about the mid 60s.


Malida was looking at the seagulls, and said it reminded her of that book--Genital Livingston Seagull. I don't think I read it.

We head toward home tomorrow. We will stay the night in Dunsmuir on the Sacramento River.
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