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August 12--The thoughts of cats and ravens

Well, it is Saturday, so less pressure to get up and about. I woke up early, but fell back asleep and had a very interesting and complex dream about something. I got up at 8 and made coffee and gave the cats their treats.

I wanted to go out and walk before it got too warm, so I did. Malida was still worn out from her 17-hour shift yesterday, so she relaxed. I walked a couple of miles in the park, and did some ingress stuff for a friend who was throwing a field. His field was eventually eclipsed by a blue field that stretched from Nevada to Hawaii. Wow!

We went out for noodles after I got home, and then did some shopping. I had an idea to make some hamburgers from freshly ground meat, and so bought the necessary ingredients.

I spent the afternoon reading and putting together a couple of music sets to play for my friends in Second Life. One of my friends complained that my sets are depressing, which they probably are, as I love minor key songs. So I promised him a happy set, full of upbeat rock and roll. I played it this evening, and then followed it with my usual downbeat set.

I ground the pork and beef for my hamburgers, seasoned the meat, and then grilled it up. It was delicious.

I spent the late evening talking with a friend from New Zealand. I mentioned to her that my picture for the day was a squash from the garden, and so it is.

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