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August 15--Sunomono

I set the alarm to get up at 7 today, and woke up promptly at 9:30 to the plaintive meowing of the cats who feared I would sleep forever and not feed them. I tried to ignore them, but Chocko dug a call into my thumb in an attempt to pull me out of bed. It worked, actually.

After 9 years in the US, and about 5 as a citizen, Malida finally received a summons for jury duty next week. She hates driving downtown, so we decided to do a test run today so she could see where she is going. She did fine, although there is all sorts of road closures around the courthouse, so the navigator is fairly useless. We parked in the jury parking lot (using next week's parking pass) and I took her inside to show her where the jury room was.

She could have probably gotten out of it, because I don't think her English skills are really ready for a courtroom setting, but she wanted to see what it was all about. Good for her! I am one of those people who take jury duty seriously.

After the courthouse, she drove across town to our favorite Japanese restaurant. She loves their sashimi. I've been going there since the late 1980s. I used to take dates there when I was single. My first wife and I had our third date there.

sunomono salad

Sunomono salad. My favorite.

After lunch we went to Costco for a very specific list of things to buy. The first three things in the cart were not on the list. Anyway, we eventually managed to get what we needed and got out of there.

As I was writing this, the internet radio station I listen to started playing Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix. I first heard it in 1976, while I was in the Air Force at corpsman school in Wichita Falls Texas. It was a hot summer night, and I was at a party at the home of one of my instructors. The beer was flowing. He put this record on the turntable and turned it way up. I was mesmerized. I don't remember anything else about that night, but I remember hearing this song for the first time.

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