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August 20--Still Life with Research Article

I had a dream that I had gone on a road trio up to some rural area with a bunch of people, and decided to bring the cats along. When we were ready to go home, I couldn't find either one of them--they were hiding in some barn somewhere. While I was looking for them, the people with the car left without me.

I woke up to pee and the cats were sitting on the floor near the bed. "Where you been," I asked.

We had a fairly normal Sunday. Went walking along the creek trail, had lunch at the noodle place, shopped.

I cleaned up my office this afternoon. Got rid of the stack of old mail, cleared off my desk, etc. Sorted out some research articles that I will need in the coming weeks.

In the late afternoon I checked the webpage for my doctoral program. My plan of study for the semester is posted by my advisor. When I saw the deadlines, I felt my heart seize up in my chest. I have a lot to do this semester. My first complete rewrite is due in three weeks.

I breathed in and out a few times and decided I need to attack this semester systematically. I started to form a plan in my head. I emailed my advisor and asked to meet next week to work it all out.

I decided to go for another walk in the park. It was relaxing. I feel ok.

Tomorrow is the official first day of school. I start my Hmong language class tomorrow evening. I'm looking forward to it, but it's the first thing I will ditch if I start to get overwhelmed.

still life

Still life left on a picnic table along the creek trail. I added the leaf.
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