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August22--A little jar under a tree, and other tales of mystery and imagination

Today was the first day of class for the students. We spent the first hour going over orientation stuff, then jumped right in to content. Not my content, though. My content doesn't start for at least a month, which gives me time to rebuild our test bank.

I talked to Man Bun for the first time. He seemed more soft spoken than I expected, and had all the paperwork I needed in a nice bundle. In my mind, he got a gold star for confounding my initial expectations.

While I was working in the cubicle farm, I heard someone come in and say "Is anyone here?"

It was our new college president, coming to visit to the nursing department! There were three of us around, and he spent some time talking with all of us. I had already liked him from his Convocation speech, but now like him even more for getting out and meeting his constituency. I mentioned to him about my impression that nursing is under appreciated on campus, and he really listened. He said he was aware that we were doing a lot with so little, and I think he will be an advocate for us.

Later, when I was out taking my morning walk, I ran into him again and we talked some more while I showed him where the cosmetology department was. I mentioned that I was a graduate, and how the counselors and teachers here helped me to turn failure into success.

I mentioned that our trailer village is on the other side of the campus. We are close to the art building, and I keep discovering little art things scattered about the area.


I really never spent much time on this side of the campus, and I like it.

I need to go back over to the hospital tomorrow for a while, then come home and do my Hmong homework. On Thursday I take the students for their first full orientation day at the hospital, and it begins again.
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