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August 30--The Blue Door of Harmony

While I was looking through my archives last week, I came across my long-lost photograph of the blue door of Harmony. It was always one of my sentimental favorites. I've probably posted it here before.

There is a town on the California coast called Harmony. It is somewhat below Cambria, which is somewhat below San Simeon, where the Hearst Castle is. It's one of my favorite parts of the coast.

Harmony, when I was last there, had a population of 17. There's not much there besides an old creamery and a locked-up diner with a blue door. When I first started taking up photography, I met a few people from California online who told me that photographing the blue door of Harmony was a sort of photographer's pilgrimage. You had to do it at least once in your life. So I did. It was a spiritual experience.

blue door of Harmony

When I was last through there a few years back, the wall where the door had been was stripped off and there looked to be some remodeling going on. I haven't been back since, so do not know the fate of the blue door of Harmony.
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