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September 8--Surprised cyclops with a beanie cap

It seems like Fridays are the day I like to forget to make an entry. I'm usually worn out from the week, and there's always Saturday to make it up.

Friday clinical went much more smoothly than the previous day. The second day of a clinical week is always easier for the students because they already know the patients, and can focus more on their tasks, etc. Even as a clinical nurse I found the second and subsequent days easier than the first day, for the same reasons.

I only walked about five miles, and my sore heel was less sore. I attribute that to 24 hours worth of Naprosyn. As an interesting side story, one of my cousins married one of the guys who developed Naprosyn. They built a beautiful house up in the hills above Stanford University. She wrote to me once that she was on her way to Italy to find tile for her patio. He retired in his mid 40s. They later divorced. Interestingly our grandmother was featured in one of the first advertisements for Naprosyn.

We had our post-conference in the same room as the previous day, and my little drawing was still there. I took a picture, and then erased it using alcohol hand cleaner, which one of you so helpfully suggested.

I'll leave you with that picture, but under a cut, so the faint-hearted can be spared.

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