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September 28--Creeper

It was a somewhat uneventful day in the hospital. My students are all doing well clinically, and most of them are now doing most stuff under the supervision of the nurses they are working with. This is the point where they really learn what nursing is about.

I now have some time to work on other stuff, and get things ready for the upcoming preceptorships. That's a lot of work, but now I have more time to work on it. And the weather is nice, so I can sit outside in the healing garden.


I had to go back to the school after work to get my TB test read by the school nurse. I've known Jeff, one of the school nurse for years, way before either of us worked at the school. We were both critical care nurses and met at a critical care conference or something years ago. I generally see him about once a year when I go over to get my TB test, and he always greets me like a long-lost friend.

I got home at about 4, and Malida was watching Game of Thrones. She is now on season 7, which I believe is the must current season. I kicked back in my lounger and tried to nap, but kept opening an eye to see what was going on. Eventually I gave up and watched for a bit before I went to cook dinner. I came back later and actually put on my glasses and started watching. Now I'm hooked. I think there is one more episode in the season.
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