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October 1--BBQ Pork Buns by the bay.

We got up pretty early and had some hotel coffee, then checked out. We headed for San Francisco before too many people were up and about. It paid off. We found good parking spaces everywhere!

Our first stop was the Cafe Bakery & Restaurant at 20th and Noriega. It is a Chinese bakery, and has the best bbq pork buns in the city. The place was packed with people all talking away. We were the only non-Chinese. I pointed this out to Malida, and she chose to see it as me being the only non-asian.

We bought a half-dozen pork buns, some sesame balls, and some other thing, and headed to Crissy Field, which sits under the Golden Gate Bridge. It used to be an army airfield, but now it is a huge waterfront park. It is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We sat at a picnic table and had our pork buns and coffee.

pork buns

After we ate we walked down to Fort Point. It is an old military installation directly under the bridge. It's one of my favorite places--the natural light is amazing! If you have ever seen the Hitchcock film Vertigo, a scene was filmed here.


Where the big guns used to sit.

malida in the light

Malida contemplates the lovely natural light that filters through the windows of an officer's quarters.


The bridge, seen through one of the big gun openings.

After walking around the fort, we went up the hill to the Presidio and visited the national cemetery. It is another of my favorite spots. The view is lovely, and it is quiet and peaceful.

bw statue

After we visited the cemetery, we headed across the bridge and into Marin County for lunch, then headed home. It was a good day.
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