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October 6--In the land of giant face-attacking dragonflies

Ahhh the weekend is here. I never really appreciated the concept of the weekend until I took this job. Up until that point I had always worked at least two weekends a month, and had random days off during the week. I liked having days off in the middle of the week. It was as if it was my own little world. But weekends didn't mean that much to me. Just another couple days off.

Now, I count the days. I'd still trade them for two days off during the week though. I miss my own little world.


Last of the black and white challenge. Interestingly, the image in the computer was one that I was going to use for the challenge, but didn't for some reason. I took it last week in SF, and it was one of my favorites. I posted the color version here last Sunday. I like how I used it without actually using it. Sort of.

This evening I sorted out all of my doctoral papers. I tossed a bunch of stuff out, but saved my written papers, notes, and all the articles I collected. I put it all in a plastic tub. Now the table is clear, and I will take it out tomorrow to make room for an easy chair and an ottoman that someone across town is selling, hopefully to me.

My plan is to sleep in tomorrow, and go get that chair if they decide to sell it to me. In the afternoon I will stop by a friend's house to taste some of the wine he makes. I'll take some pictures.
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