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I woke up to Malida's alarm rather than my own this morning, an hour after I needed to get up. I forgot to set my alarm. Fortunately I didn't have a class this morning--just meetings and a bunch of stuff to get done. I have felt an hour behind all day today, and not any more rested for the extra hour of sleep.

I was completely oblivious to the big fires to the north, east, and west of us until I read my Facebook and saw that my cousin in Santa Rosa had to evacuate late last night. She was able to go take a look this afternoon, and her house is ok, though covered in ashes. She says that many of her friends lost their houses to the fire--too many to count. Heartbreaking.

After work I drove up to midtown and met basefinder and his wife Debbie, who are visiting out this way for a few days. It was great to finally meet him after so many years. gracegiver and her husband were there as well, and it is always great to see them. We had a nice lunch and got a chance to visit for a while.

I came home after the lunch and napped for a while, then worked on test questions for our upcoming exam.

I start my shock lectures tomorrow and will be talking for 5 hours. Ugh.

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