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The overly dramatic tree

I went in to work and found that I had actually no meetings this morning, which was a delightful surprise. On the downside, I got an email from my nicest and most dedicated colleague asking if I could help her with something next Monday, when I have four meetings scheduled. I said yes, of course.

I got caught up on stuff, and avoided doing the thing I was going to do if I didn't have meetings this morning. I can do it tomorrow after lecture. Or Wednesday. Has to be done by Thursday at the latest, so yay for hard deadline. That's how I work best.

I called the credit union this morning. Malida still doesn't have a debit card, and they said it would be here by the middle of October. I even wrote a letter.

Well, it's the middle of October. So I called, and they told me it was going to be at least another two weeks. I explained that she is leaving for Thailand in 6 days and needs a debit card. The response was, "Nothing I can do--sorry."

So I went downtown to visit the credit union in person. There were no other customers, and three tellers all looking down at their computer screens as I stood there. Finally one looked up and motioned me over, and asked what I needed, while still staring at her screen. That kind of did it for me. I told her I wanted close my accounts. I cleared out everything except the checking. All our auto-pays come out of that one, and I have to switch everything over. She never smiled, made eye contact, or asked why I was closing my accounts. Adios!

I first opened an account there in 1991, when my first wife and I, not yet married, bought a minivan together. Back then we did all our transactions in person, and the tellers and managers knew us by name. There were no cellphones, and people still had wooden dentures.

I drove over to the credit union that I used prior to 1990, and where I still had a dormant account with a $50 balance. They were very friendly, and quite happy to take my bank check and reactivate my accounts. I got a new credit card and a new debit card on the spot. The debit card has a picture of kittens on it! I'll take Malida in tomorrow to be added to my account and open hers, and they will make a debit card right there on the spot for her too.

I spent the evening taking a look at all the bills that get auto-paid out of the old account and figuring out how to transfer everything over. I think it will take about a month to get it all sorted out. That was kind of the big obstacle to moving to a new credit union, but now that I am motivated, it is a little stone in the path.

In other financial news, week Malida took a message for me last week from the retirement department of my old company. I finally called back today. It turns out it wasn't about my retirement, but about my first wife's, who also worked there. Turns out she had some cash balance retirement fund that's been sitting there for 13 years, and they want to send it to me. Ok! It's not a huge amount, and I can't do anything with it other than fold it into my retirement account, but it was a nice surprise. Once again, thank you Arlina for continuing to look after me, years later.

Dramatic tree

An overly-dramatic tree from this morning. Drama courtesy of my Snapseed app.
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