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October 21--Flight deck

Malida is on her way back to Thailand for three weeks to visit friends and family, so it's just me and the cats for a while. Her plane left at 1 am, and is still on its way. She will land in Taiwan in a couple of hours, then take a flight to Bangkok.

She was pretty excited about leaving, though stopped repacking her bags. They weighed out at just under 50 pounds each, for a total of about 100 pounds worth of stuff going back to Thailand with her. Lots of gifts, candy, old clothes, etc. I love walking through the village and seeing my old shirts.

What did she want as her last meal before leaving?

Malida and burger

"They don't have burgers like this in Thailand." she remarked.

We rested in the afternoon, then took a nice walk before we had to get ready to leave for the airport. It is a two-hour drive, and we got there about three hours before her flight left. I watched her go through security, and then drove home listening to a podcast.

Now I don't know what to do with my day.
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