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October 24--Night light

I had a restful sleep last night. About 15 minutes before I had to wake up, Chocko decided to sleep on top of me. Usually she sleeps on top of Malida, but I guess since Malida isn't here, I am the substitute. So I laid there and thought about stuff for the last 15 minutes.

It was less cool last night, and warmer today, but only into the 80s. Down in the LA area the temps are in the 100s. No thanks. I've had my share of 100 degree days this year. Should be about the same tomorrow.

I went out for a walk this evening while it was still warm, but not too warm. There were a lot of sports things going on, but not too many walkers. I am trying to get back into my walking routine that I gave up when I was having a lot of issues with plantar fasciitis a few weeks ago. And then the broken toe. The toe feels fine, though it is still taped up. The plantar fasciitis has receded to an occasional ache, so I am back to 10,000+ steps a day for the past few days.

Work was good. I was by myself in the cubicle for a few hours. I put on some music in my headphones, and got caught up on all sorts of odds and ends. I am in good shape. When preceptorships start next week, I will be able to take a day off during the week and enjoy the fall.

I talked to Malida this afternoon. They are heading out of Bangkok for a day or two to escape the crowds. They are going to a resort on a lake above the River Kwai, which is a couple hours out of Bangkok. We went to a resort nearby about 5 years ago and it was great. Very isolated, no electricity or internet. Totally relaxing.

I had one of those brain things today where I was thinking about one thing, and that led to something else, which led to something else, and eventually led to the name of someone I hadn't thought of in years.

light night

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