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October 25--Hugo-a-Gogo

I got a note in the mail from my former therapist telling me that she is leaving her practice at the end of the year to travel and work on her art. I am glad for her--she is an awesome artist. She specializes in aerial views of landscapes.

My work sent me to see her after I was assaulted by a patient. I didn't really need to see anyone, but I went anyway, and immediately took a liking to her, because she was all about art as therapy. We talked a lot about where I was at with my photography at the time. I was in a rut and looking for some sort of inspiration. She had to stop seeing patients when she became ill, and I started my chair project as something for her. Kind of "the view from here" thing. It was one of my favorite photography projects, and one that still resonates in my mind.

If she hadn't been my therapist, she would have made a great friend. I think that's why I kept seeing her. I'll write her a note and wish her well.

One of my colleagues joined me at the hospital today to follow me around for an hour. She is part of my peer-review team, and one of my favorite people at work. We wandered around the halls for a while searching out my students, and chatting with them. She was their teacher in the second semester, so they were happy to see her.

In the midst of this I was presented with a preceptorship problem that inexplicably involved five separate people. I went around and sorted it all out and brought it to a fairly quick resolution. My peer reviewer was pleased that she had something to write about.

As I was leaving the hospital, I walked out through the patio, which is my favorite spot. There were a lot of people out there. The hospital was having some sort of reception for outstanding employees. I was pleased to see one of my former students among the recipients, although she wasn't there. They had a quartet playing the kind of music you would expect at an event such as this. If I led that kind of a quartet, about halfway through the set I would bust into something like Black Hole Sun, just to keep it real.


Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come (won't you come)
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