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October 27--Once there was a tree...

So we finished the clinical rotation part of the semester, and have now transitioned into preceptorships. After clinical we had a nice lunch at Chevy's on the river. My students gave me a new Hello Kitty cup and a book by Shel Silverstein titled The Giving Tree. They asked if I have read it, and I haven't and they seemed pleased that the one they gave me would be my introduction to it. They all signed it and left nice notes on the inside cover. My students are the best.

kitty cup

I like this cup. It is supposed to keep cold liquids cold, and hot liquids hot. I'll take it to work so Malida doesn't claim it as her own.

I just picked up something that was sitting atop the pile of papers next to my computer and was surprised to see it was a satisfaction survey I had completed for a hotel stay, but apparently not turned in. The surprising thing is that it is from a hotel stay in October of 1998. I have no idea how it ended up on my desk. I was disappointed that the coffee service ended at 8 am.

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