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October 30--Batter Up

The weather cooled off considerably today and it never got above the low 70s. When I went out to walk this evening, it was in the 60s a breezy. Love it! My favorite time of the year.

I stayed up late watching the end of the baseball game last night. It was pretty exciting. I'm not a fan, and I don't care who wins, but I do like a good game like that.

I managed to get up early and get into work before anyone else, and got a bunch of stuff done before the series of meetings I had today. It was either that or stay late, and I hate staying late. I want to be out of there by one.

That won't work tomorrow because I have to lecture in the other semester until 4. My morning is relatively free though, and I can get ready for my tutoring session in the late morning and put the final touches on our exam for Wednesday.

I told my colleagues I was taking Thursday off, and Friday is a holiday, so sort of a four-day weekend, other than having to go in over the weekend to check up on my students. If it isn't raining, I will head up into the Sierras to see how the fall looks up there. If it rains, I don't know. Maybe I'll cook something.

batter up

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