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November 10--I drive back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean several times a week.

Today was a work holiday, though not a holiday from precepting, and I had to take a call at 5:45 this morning to answer a question by an anxious student. I did that, and fell right back to sleep and woke up about 8. One of the things I am grateful for in this life is my ability to fall back asleep easily after being woken up.

I got up and did the things I had to do today in anticipation of Malida coming home on Sunday. I took the car down to be washed and vacuumed and cleaned all the stuff out of the back. After that I took a walk in the park. It was mostly overcast, with a few rays of sun peeking through. After the walk I went for a haircut.

It's been a while since my last haircut. I was trying to remember back, and I think it was just before graduation back in May. Normally I would have gotten one before school started back up, but I didn't. My haircutter knows my habits and is never surprised when I go months between haircuts. She just laughs and points to all the hair on the floor.

me and the dirty car

Longish-haired me and the car that needs to be washed, yesterday. Now the car is clean and my hair is super-short. Malida will be happy with both.

Tomorrow is clean the house day. I already started, and it is not that bad, but Malida's absence shows. I don't want her to come home and feel like she has to start vacuuming or something. She sent me some pictures today from the floating market outside of Bangkok. It's one of my favorite places to photograph. I can't wait to get back there next year.

Oh my subject line. Not sure why this popped back into my head, but when I was doing all the stuff I needed to do to apply for the diaconate, I had to take a series of psych tests. They were hundreds of questions long, and would ask some of the same things over and over, in slightly different ways. I clearly remember only one question, which was a true/false. It stated, " I drive back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean several times a week. I so wanted to answer "true".
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