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November 13--With a bonus my left foot!

I felt like I was starting to get sick a bit today. I woke up after a good night's sleep, but didn't want to get going. I laid down on the couch and slept for another hour and a half. The down side to that was that I had stuff to do at work today, and had to bring it home with me.

We had a bunch of tedious meetings all morning. I had a headache and just wanted to be out of there. Finally they ended and I drove down to have my foot x-rayed for my podiatrist appointment tomorrow. It was another radiology student, but he wasn't nearly as good at taping my toes to get a good shot as the student I had a few weeks ago. She was a pro.

After the x-ray I had to drive back downtown to the hospital to see another student. Fortunately she is doing well and there are no issues. On the way home I stopped to get some stuff for Malida. She was taking a nap when I got home, and I joined her. I felt better after.

Tomorrow is another busy day with a lecture on emergency and mass casualty nursing. I read an excellent article on mass casualty written by the lead ED physician at one of the Las Vegas hospitals, where they treated about 230 gunshot victims in six hours. It is compelling reading. Here is the link if you are interested:

Las Vegas article

The most interesting thing to me about the article is how dynamic the process of triage is, and that, just because someone gets a yellow tag, it doesn't mean they are going to stay yellow tag status.

Completely unrelated, I went through all the little things Malida and her friends got me as souvenirs. As I mentioned, lots of Hello Kitty stuff.

hello Kittys

One of Malida's friends sent me this little guy:

Mr. P

Kind of reminds me of....something.

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