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November 14--Duck & cover

I taught the ED and mass casualty lecture today, and added a bunch of stuff about mass shootings, as it seems to be so prevalent. As I was teaching the content, there was another shooting about 100 miles north of us. When I read the first report, I thought to myself "Only 5 people killed." That's how easy it is to become inoculated to this kind of trauma. Five people killed used to be a significant number, until there were 50+ people killed and 500+ shot.

And, of course, the same scenario. Some angry white male with an assault rifle. I read somewhere that after the Sandy Hook massacre, that when we could accept that 20 little kids had been murdered, and do nothing, the battle was lost. I believe that. If that wasn't the tipping point, then there will never be one. We will just accept these mass shootings as part of the environment we live in.


I don't usually need some sort of divider between the things I write, but in this case I think I do.


One of my students came up to me at the break and told me she had something for me. It was from a conference she attended last week. The nursing program sent her and another student to a leadership conference for a couple of days.


She showed me the back of the card, which said to give this pin to someone in nursing who inspires you. I was deeply touched by this. I always hope that I inspire my students, but it is so nice to get something like this that reinforces it. We don't do this often enough in nursing.

I got to talk with one of the people I was in the doctoral program with this evening. She called to vent about some feedback she had gotten on her final project report. She was somewhat discouraged, but she knows she can overcome it. I gave her a little pep talk, and we got caught up on what was going on in our lives. There are a few people in that program that I got close to, and she is one of them. I'm glad we are friends.
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