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November 16--The sins of the fathers

It was a low-key day. I went in to work and worked on stuff for a while before meeting with one of my students to do a test review. He is a bright student, and will make a great nurse, but he tends to overthink questions. I told him he had to think more like a student and less like a nurse. I hate telling students that, but if they want to pass the licensure examination, there is a certain way to think about and answer questions. I gave him some resources to help him with that, and told him that when I was a student, I was constantly arguing with test questions. He'll be fine.

After my student meeting, I met with another instructor to go over how to negotiate the student management system for one of our clinical partners. She is in charge of a one-time LVN-RN upgrade program we are doing next year. I have been creating a step-by-step process for negotiating this particular interface, so her group will be the first to fully test it out prior to my spring semester group. Somewhere along the line I also offered to do some lectures over the summer. When I'm not in Thailand.

Malida and I decided we are going back to Thailand this summer. I'm stoked. I think it has been close to three years since I've been there. I am hoping to take a side trip to Cambodia to see my friend Karl, who first introduced me to Southeast Asia 11 years ago.

I talked with my in-town step-sister this evening about all sorts of things. She wants to retire soon, and she could. I told her she should. She and her husband are going to Ireland in the summer with the Irish priest who married me and my first wife. I invited them to our very low-key Thanksgiving dinner. I don't even know what I will make. Something good, I guess. It will be good to see them.

trader vic skull

I was reading something today about the old Trader Vic's, and remembered that I had one of the old skull mugs from his restaurant in San Francisco, that I got from my grandfather. It sat on his book shelf, as it sits on mine.
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