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November 30--Better than hospital beer

I went in to work in the office this morning, but at the reasonable hour of 9 am. Everyone else is off doing clinicals, and I had the place to myself all morning. I made some coffee and turned up the music. I completed everything on my list for today. Tomorrow is more of the same, but with a hospital visit thrown in.

After work I drove over to the old city cemetery to take some pictures. It is always one of my favorite places to photograph, at any time of the year. It has lots of old trees, and a lot of old brick walkways. Various people have "adopted" the old grave plots, and keep them looking good. There are also about a million rose bushes there, and it is spectacular in the spring. I was hoping to catch a bit of fall color, but it was pretty much gone.

Mostly I just wanted to play around with my camera. I had the 25 mm prime lens, which, with the smaller sensor is equivalent to a 50 mm lens. I fooled around with the aperture to get calibrated to what the end product will be. The largest aperture is 1.8, so I got a lot of narrow depth of field shots. I also explored how close I can get to something and get a clear shot.

The dials to change aperture and shutter speed are pretty convenient, but in a different configuration than my Canons. They also move in the opposite direction from what I am used to, so I am working on developing new muscle memory. The viewfinder has a nice clear display, though, so I know exactly what my settings are.

pair of lambs

A pair of lambs. If I were going to be buried in an old cemetery where they allowed gravestones like this, I'd make it a pair of cats. And have them batting each other in the head with their paws, just like real life.

sad angel

This would have been spectacular about two weeks ago when that tree in the background still had all its golden leaves. Makes a mental note to return two weeks earlier next year. This is one of my favorite monuments in the cemetery. The detail is incredible.


As I was walking back to my car, this guy came flying down the hill toward me. I watched him go by, and it wasn't until after he was gone that I remembered that I had a camera. I thought about it for a second and figured he would probably come back by again, so I waited. He came back by again, and I was ready.
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