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December 1--Birds

I did more office stuff in the morning. Unlike the day before, there were a bunch of people in dong stuff too. I spent some time talking with one of the other instructors about world AIDS day, and how much has changed since we got into nursing back in the lat 1980s. She marveled that all the advances we have seen not only happened in our lifetimes, but in our professional lifetimes.

I met with a student at 10 who wanted to review the kidney content. She already has a pretty good grasp of it, but has some trouble seeing how it fits in the big picture, which is not uncommon for nursing students. She was well prepared for our discussion, and had made notes and questions. I like to see students so committed.

I went to the hospital to look in on one of my students. It was her last day of preceptorship and her preceptor called in sick, so she ended up working with one of my former students who was very much like her when she was a student. It was a great fit, and they both got a lot out of the experience. The nurse wrote me a note today thanking me for trusting her with my student. I thought that was nice.

After all that I headed home to be there for the delivery of a giant package, which will be in tomorrow's post. The delivery truck pulled up and all the neighborhood kids gathered around to see what it might be. One kid asked me what's in the box. "A giant flamingo", I answered. He ran to tell his friends that it was a giant flamingo. I kind of wish it was a giant flamingo.

I was hoping that the delivery would come early enough for me to get out to the nature preserve before it got dark so I could try out my long lens. I made it about 10 minutes before sunset. It was a little too dark to photograph the birds sitting in the ponds, but not to bad for getting them flying against the sunset.

I'm not used to how all the settings work, and kind of wished I had bought the Canon, but decided to figure this camera out. I'm going to spend some time every day with it until it feels familiar and intuitive. It took me a long time to get to that point with my Canon, but I was much less experienced too. My goal is to be comfortable with it by the time we go to Thailand in the summer.

cosumnes sunset
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