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December 3--Persimmons and the Moon

It was a surprisingly full day for a Sunday. I got up early and went down to the farmers market and bought a bunch of stuff, and took some pictures. There were a lot of people there.


The persimmons. I bought a bunch for Malida. I walked around for about an hour looking at things.

After I got back home I put the stuff away and went for a walk along the creek. Malida was at Pilates, so she didn't join me. There were a lot of people out there too. It was a really lovely day, so I was not surprised everyone was out to enjoy it.



After my walk, I picked up Malida and we went to the noodle place for lunch, then did some shopping and came home. I had a nice nap.

After our nap we got up and drove down to the nature preserve to see the birds and the sunset, and watch the big moon rise.

big moon

I was fooling around with the camera and trying to do the remote shutter via a cellphone app, but it was kind of bulky, and not too helpful. The moon looks a bit distorted too, but it's the moon so there you go.
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