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December 12--Farewell to the class of Fall 2017

We had our pinning ceremony this morning for our graduating students. Pinning is where the students are recognized, and presented the school's nursing pin. Each school's pin is unique.

nursing pin

This is what our school's looks like. This is my pin from the class of 89. I wear it every time we have a pinning ceremony, as I am the only graduate of our school on the faculty.


The student look at the slideshow they put together of their experiences in the nursing program. They have been through a lot together. We used to play it during the ceremony, but the previous director wanted to cut the whole ceremony back to about 45 minutes, and it was bumped to before the ceremony started. We have since put a bunch of the stuff that got cut out back in the program, and it has a lot more heart.


Most of my group getting ready to practice processing in. They all worked very hard to get to this point. It was such a good group of students.


My other student, who was the student speaker, and an award recipient. She was the person, who, when I was having all sorts of issues with the student management software, would open it up and help me figure out what was wrong from the student view. She will make an awesome nurse. I love how the light is filtering down on her. I wished I had my good camera instead of my cellphone camera, but glad I had my cellphone camera to capture this.

After the ceremony, I went back to the office and we had our final team meeting of the semester, mostly to make sure everything is ready for the spring. It looks to be, mostly. I still have some stuff to do with our website, but not nearly what I had to do last semester.

I have a long planning session tomorrow, and an early meeting on Thursday, and then I am done.
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