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December 20--the happy post office

Malida told me yesterday of a work potluck today, and wondered if I could whip something up for her to take. I decided to do the cream cheese Christmas tree thing again, and got all the ingredients. I also decided that I would drop it off at her clinic just after I baked it, so it would still be warm.

I got up at a reasonable hour and got to work on the tree. It was easier this time since I had done it before, and I was a little more creative with it. I should have taken a picture, but forgot. While it was baking I got ready, and was able to deliver it to the clinic less than 20 minutes out of the oven.

She sent me a text 15 minutes later to tell me it was already gone! It's my Christmas go-to from now on.

After dropping off the treat, I headed down to the little post office in the rural town south of us to mail a package. I much prefer this post office to any other. It's small, the people are friendly, and there is never a line. Plus there is a lovely rose garden next to it, that has one of my favorite Ingress portals.

I had planned to head home after mailing the package, but decided on the spur of the moment to head out to the Cosumnes River Preserve and take a walk. It was a perfect day for walking, though a bit cool. I had a warm shirt in the back and put that on and was fine.

There were a number of cars in the parking lot, but I saw only one other person on the trail. It was peaceful.

bird looking up

As I crossed a bridge, I looked down, and this guy was looking up at me. I suspect he is some sort of heron, but I really need to get a bird book and start figuring this out. I think it is a green heron.

They reopened a part of the trail that has been closed for a number of years. They close off sections periodically for restoration purposes. The part they reopened used to be one of my favorite areas. My first wife and I walked it frequently, and we would always sit in a particular spot near the river. It was nice to revisit it again after so many years.

the spot

After I got to the river, I looped back along the far side of the wetlands. There were all sorts of birds everywhere.


I think this is some sort of sparrow. When I got this camera, I wasn't planning on photographing birds every day, but it is sure turning out that way. I am pleased with what I am getting, and it has renewed my passion for photography.

star of bethlehem

This looks like a lot of post-processing, but it is pretty much straight out of the camera.

I put in about 12,000 steps. It was a good walk.
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