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December 26--Everybody wants the elevator today

Malida woke me up at about 4 to look out the window and see all the stars. The skies had cleared, and there were millions of them. I thought for a moment about going out and taking a picture, but the bed was warm and the world outside the bed was cold, so I stayed put.

We got up about 7:30 and had some coffee. Once the coffee was done, we went out for a hike before we needed to check out. It was about 40 degrees, but bright and clear, and the perfect winter day, other than no snow.

morning near the river

Looking east, along the river.

We walked along the bike trail for a while, crossing the Merced river a few times. The rivers and waterfalls don't have nearly as much water as they did when we were here in the spring, but there was some.


Just before we veered off the bike path for a less popular trail, I attempted to take a timed shot with the new camera, but forgot how to set it. It's complex. Anyway, two women were walking past and I asked one of them to take our picture. She was happy to do so, and spent a few moments setting up the shot--a real photographer.

After she finished, Malida asked her if she was Thai, and she was. So they had a short conversation in Thai about the good noodle shop in LA, and then we went our separate ways. I love this shot. I'm going to print and frame it.

We walked for a couple miles along the Yosemite Valley Loop Trail too Mirror Lake. We saw very few people.

loop trail

Mirror Lake really only exists in the spring, so there wasn't much there, other than some nice views that don't translate into good photos. We spent some time admiring the view then headed back to the hotel to check out.

half dome reflection

We got out of there at about Noon, and headed home. We stopped in the town of Murphys to have some delicious noodles, and were going to walk a bit in the town, but were full and ready to go home. And that's what we did. It was a lovely Christmas, and we are thinking we would like to do it again next year.
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