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December 31--Last year's leftover

It was an uneventful last day of 2017. The year was a mixed bag, like most years.

I went to the farmers market to get some stuff for Malida. She was having her friend over and they wanted to cook Lao style, and required certain vegetables, etc. Unfortunately, most of the Lao vendors weren't there, but I managed to find most of what she needed and stopped at an asian market on the way home and got the rest.

Some carrots.

While they were cooking away, I went for a walk along the creek. The light was such, that everything was kind of flat and lifeless, and lacking in color. I took some pictures, but they were flat and lifeless as well. A little photo editing put some life back into them.


My favorite tree.

After the girls had lunch, they went out for a walk and shopping and I attempted a nap. After my nap I started preparing our new years eve dinner, which was lots of seafood and not much else. It was about done when they got back, and we sat down to feast.


I finished eating, but they were still at it an hour later, chatting away and drinking wine. Amazingly, they pretty much finished everything on the table, including the wine. As a result, they were too incapacitated to clean up, so I did the dishes as well, then took Malida's friend home. By the time I got back, Malida was refreshed again, and we watched the NYE feed from New York. She went to bed shortly thereafter, and I stayed up watching Harry Potter until midnight.

At midnight, I thought a bit about how I sat in this same room just before midnight on the last day of 2005, wondering how I was going to put my broken life back together. I got a piece of paper and made a list of the things I wanted to do. Learn to use my camera, take a picture every day, travel somewhere, go back to school and get a master's degree, and some other things. I ended up doing them all, and put my life back together. I think that will always be my most memorable new years.
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