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January 4--You might have missed...

I get an email from LJ almost everyday titled, "You might have missed", which is about some journals I am supposed to check out. Strangely (or not) they are almost always the same journals, and are also some of the same journals listed in a side column on my LJ page titled "Interesting". I am guessing that people pay to have their journals promoted, but maybe they really are interesting enough that I am missing out on something by completely ignoring them. I may never know.

It rained a little last night, but was done by the time I was up and out. I walked in the park this morning. Two cycles instead of one. I captured all the portals in the park the first time around, and linked them all together the second go-round. I had the place to myself.

sinister trees

Some sinister trees threatening an abandoned baseball field.

another sinister tree

Another sinister tree reminding me of my coronary arteries. "Don't eat that," it hisses.

(p.s.: black and white challenge for the brave!)

Malida talked with her mom this evening. We have a plot of land just outside the village, and are planning to build a little house there where we can stay when we are there. Today they started the first step, which is dumping 100 trucks-worth of soil for the foundation. Once dumped, the soil has to settle for a year before we can build, but Malida is already planning it out, all the way to the landscaping out front. She wants to know if I want my own room for an office, but I said no--just a shady spot outdoors.

I received a book in the mail. Lincoln in the Bardo, which was on at least a few of my friends favorite book lists. I read a bit of it, and am reminded of Winesburg, Ohio, which my grandfather gave me years ago. I am looking forward to reading it.
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