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January 6--Cormorants, turtles, and cats, oh my!

It is the feast of the Epiphany. That means Monday is Plough Monday. Guess that means I have to clean out the garden in anticipation of the spring planting. It also signals that it is kind of late to plant winter vegetables. Next year.

I was woken up this morning by some right hip pain when I rolled over. It felt like I had knocked against a table or something, but when I looked, there was no bruising or anything. It is mostly gone now. No idea what caused it.

It didn't stop me from taking a walk along the creek trail this morning. Malida came along, as her Pilates class wasn't until 1:00. Our plan was to walk, then I would drop her off at class. After I picked her up, we would go eat Korea BBQ.

There were a lot of people out on the trail, and the parking lot was almost full. On the weekends everyone is friendly on the trail, and we give and get a lot of "good mornings!". One little girl on a bike informed us that it was "a beauuutifullllll day!" She was right.


A lonely cormorant. Usually there are at least a few of them, but this guy was alone this morning.


A turn of turtles. I looked that up. There was a meme on twitter the other day that had really odd names for groupings of animals, like "a quarter pounder with cheese of geese", etc. This is the first day I have seen more than one or two turtles out. They like sunny days. The turtles are my favorites.


A somewhat freaky looking cat. It's the eyes.


I think this is a sparrow. I was somewhat frustrated in my attempt to identify it online, which prompted me, at long last, to order a book on the birds of the Sacramento Valley. My first bird book.

After I picked up Malida from her class, we went to the Korea BBQ, but it was packed, and an hour wait. So we headed across the street to a good burger place. I had a sort of patty melt, and Malida had a delicious buffalo burger with Jalapeños.

Tomorrow I will make crab cakes. Mmmmmm!
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