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January 10--Do you know?

I got up at 8, just after Malida left for work. It was cloudy out, but not raining, which was perfect for my anticipated walk with [personal profile] gracegiver. I was in no hurry to get going, and dwelled over a cup of coffee as I listened to some music.

staring cats

The cats chose to just stare at me for a while. No idea what they are thinking about, but the last time they looked at me like this, I ended up with a busted toe.

I met up with [personal profile] gracegiver and we decided to walk across an old railroad bridge and along a trail that follows the American River. she warned me that it wasn't the most glamorous trail, but it was a place I had never walked before, and that was good enough for me. We ended up figuring out a loop that was a bit longer than 5 miles.


Do you know?

homeless camp

There are lots of homeless camps along the river and the surrounding parkway. This was one of the larger camps, with a number of people. Sacramento has a significant homeless population, and no one seems to have an idea about how to approach it, although the new mayor seems earnest about trying to figure it out.

no alcohol

Curious sign along the trail.

tree fungus

A fungus growing on a tree. Probably my favorite picture of the day.

It was a nice walk and we had a great chat along the way. We had some delicious meatloaf, and then I headed home to do house stuff in anticipation of starting back to work tomorrow.

I have yet to build a sufficient head of enthusiasm for returning to work. Maybe once I get there and see everyone. I guess some people were so anxious to get back that they started today, as my email box had close to 30 new emails. Counting the days until summer break!
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