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January 24, 2018--Meet Madeline at the pond

Our students were in class today, but I wasn't lecturing, so I could just do stuff. I don't lecture for the first month. It's all leadership and management content, which I don't teach. I've taught it previously, but I have a pretty big chunk of the disease process lectures, so the other two handle the management stuff.

What did I do with my time today? I sent out a bunch of emails about tutoring and got rooms for the last tutoring sessions. I have to meet with the dean next week and I want to make sure everything is in place.

I registered for the nursing faculty conference in Yosemite in April and made my hotel reservation. I was hoping to go up a day early and hike around, but I teach in the afternoon that day, so I will leave after class in the afternoon, and stay overnight in Mariposa, which is about 3 hours from here. The place where the conference is in Yosemite is just about an hour from there. If I get up early, I'll have a free morning to go out and take pictures. I'll get up early.

This will be my first real education conference. I used to go to critical care conferences all the time, and they were a lot of fun. I'm hoping this one will be fun, or at least interesting. There are three of us going from our school--me, my awesome boss, and one of the people I went to New Orleans with.

I met with my students after they got out of lecture at 10, and went over the plan of action for our first full day out on the floors tomorrow. They will follow a nurse around for the first day. A few years ago I was surprised to learn that they never did this in previous semesters. I decided that it might be a good idea, knowing what they know now, to be able to see how someone who has been in the job a while pulls it all together. I give them a set of questions to answer, as well as some clinical tasks, and cut them loose.

While they are shadowing, I will meet with them individually for about 15 minutes. I ask them about why they got into nursing, what they want to accomplish this semester, and so on. It really gives me a sense of who they are as individuals, and a glimpse into their motivations. My last question is always, "Is there anything else you think I should know about you?" Almost every semester someone surprises me with something unexpected.

After I met with the group, I did some other stuff, then headed toward home. There was rain forecast for later in the afternoon, so I decided to take a walk in the park before I had my lunch. It was cold and foggy, but I had my warm jacket. I listened to music and played some Ingress as I walked. I thought about how good it felt to be motivated to walk again.


The electronic step counter that I had 12 years ago. Today I clocked in just over 5 miles.

It started raining in the mid-afternoon, just as I settled into my recliner for a nap. Perfect nap conditions. I got up and had some dinner, then watched an episode of The Crown, which is now my current favorite tv show.

Up at 5 tomorrow!
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