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February 3--Along the Michigan Bar-Ione Road

It was a nice day, so I decided to go out for a drive and take some pictures. I had some breakfast first, then took off. I didn't have particular destination, but knew I wanted to drive along the Michigan Bar-Ione Road, and take a picture of the old bridge abutments.


The old bridge. I love this spot. When I first stopped, there were cows, but they got scared and hid behind the old abutment on the right. Cows are strange.

I ended up driving along a road I had never driven before. I thought it would take me to Clinton, but it seems as if there is no specific Clinton, just a general area. I started out on East Clinton Road and came out on West Clinton road, which meets the highway about 4 miles west of where I got off.

I was surprised to find a little art gallery at the end of Clinton Road. I was even more surprised that I knew the gallery, from when it used to be in the town of Sutter Creek, just up from the Knight Foundry.


Faces on the fence.

I stopped in the town of Jackson and had some lunch in the basement bar of an old hotel. I had the french dip, which was delicious. The bartender asked if I wanted some horseradish to go with it. "Yep," I said.

"Creamy or rough?" he asked.

I opted for rough. I've never heard non-creamy horseradish referred to as "rough", but it makes perfect sense. I took my time with the sandwich. I had a couple glasses of water. I'm making an effort to focus more on adequate hydration.

wooden face

I saw this as I was walking away from lunch. It was a full body, but behind some bars, so difficult to photograph the whole thing. I settled for this much, which seems like enough.

While I was walking around, one of my students sent me an email asking what they were supposed to address in their journal this week. I wrote back "write what you're thinking about."
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